Private Lessons

gallery_7gallery_6Whether you are a new student wanting to build your practice on a strong foundation or an experienced practitioner seeking to deepen your experience, Cari is available for private lessons for individuals or small groups in a studio or at the client’s home or workplace. Private sessions offer personalized instruction catered to making the most out of each individual’s yoga practice. Cari works with each client to develop a customized practice and approach based on their personal goals, needs and interests.

Cari is available for private group classes to celebrate special occasions, including birthday, wedding or graduation parties.

Contact Cari for more information, availability and rates.

Teaching testimonials


“Before Cari embarked on her journey as a yoga teacher, she was a full-time journalist. Her ability to communicate clearly shows in her teaching, as she is able to effortlessly articulate the nuances of both simple and complex poses and ideas. Cari radiates a feeling of calm and capability—she’s the kind of person one feels comfortable trusting with any task or challenge. At the same time, she has an open smile and clarity that make those around her feel more able to trust themselves as well. At first glance, Cari makes all of these qualities seem like they have come effortlessly and easily to her, but the truth is that they are the fruits of her dedicated long-term practice and self-enquiry. Because she is engaged in her own deep journey, she is able to help illuminate the way for others finding their way through layers of self.”
—Asheville Community Yoga Teacher of the Month acknowledgment, February 2016 newsletter

“I’ve gushed my appreciation for your excellence in teaching enough that you know how wonderful being a student of yours has been for me. I feel like you have helped me attain a whole new level in my practice and for that I am eternally grateful. You were also the only teacher who truly welcomed me to the space and I watched you so lovingly do it with everyone.  You are such a unique and wonderful loving, open, beautiful person. I know I’m not the only one who feels like my practice wouldn’t be the same without you.” —CB

“Huge thank you to Cari for all that she does for our community! Her classes are always amazing; I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve discovered hidden parts of myself, I’ve found community … all within the space that she holds for her students. She is a shining star and one of a kind!” —LC

“Thank you so much and in so many ways. Your classes help me connect with light and spirit, and inspire me to be more sweet, more light and more loose, not as tight.” —YW

“Thank you for your wonderful presence and power in the studio. Your skills at leading a class and leading students genuinely come from your depth and breadth as a person.” —AK

“Thanks so much for the gift of your teaching. Your classes are wonderful. I come in, stuck in old ways of thinking, and come out aligned and renewed.” —CB