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Thanks 2015, It’s Been Real

Dear 2015,

Thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you for showing me higher highs and lower lows along this rollercoaster of life, and challenging me to take in the immense perspective gained from the valleys just as much as the peaks. Thank you for allowing the bumpy patches to crack my heart open, and for the capacity to stay present to feel the resulting rawness and vulnerability. Thank you for tears—of both side-splitting laughter and heart-breaking sorrow; and for the good fortune to have more of the former than the latter. 

Cari vinyasa (5)Thank you for demonstrating time and time again that true contentment comes from being willing to lean into—rather than resist or run from—the twists and turns along the way. Thank you for the lesson that coming undone does not lead to the end of me.

Thank you for the moments when my mental muscle memory engaged to brace for impact, to clench or control, and I chose instead to surrender and feel the reverberations. Thank you for moments when the ground shifted beneath my feet and I was able to ride the aftershocks.

Thank you for every opportunity I seized to lean in to sensation and emotion when it may have felt better to back away or tune out, and each time I chose to soften when my impulse was to harden.

Thank you for daring me to become less perfect and more potent in sharing, serving and speaking from the heart. Thank you for teaching me what my own voice sounds like, what my own boundaries feel like and how to clearly and compassionately communicate with both.

Thank you for life in a new home where I can connect each day to the beauty of nature and to work that inspires and challenges me to grow. Thank you for supportive friends who seem like family, and truly amazing family I would choose as friends.

Thank you for holding me in an abundance of loving relationships. Some nourish my deepest core, others push my boundaries and all help me know my truest center. I am grateful for each and every one of them.

Thank you for the burdens that at times seemed to weigh me down but eventually pulled me toward a new lightness. Thank you for pushing my edges and blurring the lines around me in ways that forced me to more clearly examine and define my boundaries. Thank you for all of the moments and teachers who have held a mirror up to my experience, and allowed me to see more clearly on the other side.

Thank you for the revelation that when I stop striving for the “right” answer, I make space for what’s really true and most essential to emerge naturally.

Thank you for guiding me back closer to my self.

Thank you for being such a pivotal part of my journey, 2015. I’m wiser for your presence.

In gratitude and onward to 2016,

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