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Cari teaches classes open to the public at Pure Yoga in downtown Asheville. She welcomes all levels of students, from first-time beginners to advanced practitioners. See Cari’s schedule below.

Cari remembers the feeling of power and possibility that she carried home with her after her first yoga class in 2001, and she hasn’t been able to shake it ever since. She loves yoga’s ability to make her more present and authentic in her daily life, both on and off the mat, and hopes to share that gift with others through her teaching.

Her classes focus on cultivating awareness of the body and breath in tandem, allowing the physical practice to evolve into a moving meditation. Supportive yet challenging, her classes empower each student to work at their own personal edge and develop grace and groundedness in the face of difficulty.

It is her intention to connect people with the power of yoga to help in shedding life’s accumulated layers of ego, stress and distraction. It is her hope that the multidimensional practice of yoga will help each of her students uncover a more authentic version of themselves which enables them to think with greater clarity, act with deeper awareness and live with fuller presence.

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Class Schedule

What When Where
Gentle Flow 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. Mondays Pure Yoga

Class Descriptions


Gentle Flow

A sweet way to start your week and set the course for the days ahead, this centering practice invites you to move out the old and call in a new way of being. Whether you are brand new to yoga or bring years of experience, this class will cultivate a beginner’s mind by deepening awareness and awakening the body and breath as conduits to calming the mind and reconnecting with ourselves. Aimed at refining our most essential practices of self-connection and self-care, this slow and soothing class will focus on supportive ways of both stretching and strengthening the body.

Accessible to all levels of students, this class moves through a combination of gentle flow and restful poses intended to induce a state of deep relaxation. Many poses will involve the use of props including blocks, straps and blankets to cultivate greater stability and support, allowing the body to completely release any unnecessary muscular tension and open into the stretch. The class will devote ample time for a sweet and savory savasana to allow body, mind and spirit to absorb the full benefits of the practice.

Vinyasa Flow 

Dive deep into the vitality of your body and the vibrancy of your mind through an intentional flow class. Bring a curious mind and playful spirit to these active vinyasa classes, which will pair body inquiry with breath awareness through an alignment-focused flow, encouraging you to drop your expectations and shift into a mode of exploration. Reinvigorate your body and revive your spirit with a journey through the sensations of the body, the movement of the breath and the state of your mind. Prepare to be challenged to get out of your head and out of your comfort zone, all while coming back home to yourself.

Before moving to Asheville, Cari taught weekly classes and weekend workshops, as well as playing a role in teacher trainings and other special events, at these centers in the Chicagoland area from 2011 to 2014.

Although Cari is no longer teaching in Chicago regularly, she recommends the talented instructors at these studios as great resources. Click the images below to learn what each has to offer.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn with and from my fellow teachers and and students at each of these locations, and look forward to the next time that our paths cross!

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